We thought you might have some questions.

We have answers to frequent questions our clients ask, but remember you can always email us or text us at

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I’m not sure about my sizes, what shall I do?

Don’t worry - Hyde provides free consultations on the phone with our professional stylists. She will work with you personally to identify your size and fit based on clothes you already have, your weight and height, and body fit.

How do you make sure things will fit me?

We focus on building the perfect fit based on the information you share with us; our professional stylists and clever algorithms identify the brands, fits, and colors that align with your unique personality and events on your calendar.

I wear a lot of brands, and the sizes differ, how do you manage sizing across brands?

We have built a proprietary algorithm that maps (and converts) sizing across brands. For instance, if you are a Medium in a Theory shirt, we know that you are a Small size in Hugo Boss, because Theory fits smaller.

What if something doesn’t fit me right?

At Hyde we strive to ensure that every shipment we send is perfectly fit. It typically takes 1-2 shipments to get all the sizes right (we ask for feedback). After the second shipment, we will refund or send you a replacement shipment immediately.


How do you make sure I’m wearing the right style?

At Hyde we focus on making you look great. We start with whatever is on your calendar, a date, dinner with the boss, or an interview - whatever is important to you. We style you according to the occasion and your personal style.

What if I don’t like what you send me?

You can immediately let your Stylist know if something is wrong (you can text her), and she will remedy the situation with a replacement, or a change in your next Hyde shipment.

Can I pick clothes that I get?

Yes, you can text your Stylist and make special requests on what you would like to wear. By January 2020, we will also release a functionality which will allow you to scroll through the inventory and pick out specific articles.

What brands do you guys ship?

We are very careful about the brands and designers that we select, all of them are high quality, and distinctive - Tom Ford, CK, Joe’s, AG Jeans, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Tahari, Theory and Vince.

Do you do suits and tuxedos?

We ship suits, but not Tuxedos.


How long can I keep the Hyde?

You can keep each Hyde for up to 2 weeks on any plan (on the Hyde Regular plan, you can keep outfits for up to a month). If you wish to keep outfits longer you can opt to rent longer for $15/week per outfit or you can buy the outfit, or any specific article you like!

How does the Hyde arrive and how do I return it?

Your Hyde will be shipped to your doorstep free of cost. Each Hyde also includes a paid return label which you can re-attach to the box and mail it back. Your stylist would be happy to arrange a pick up from your front door, if you would like to request it.

What happens if I forget to return something?

You can always return it in the next shipment! There is no charge for the first few missed items.

Do you ship outfits to hotels?

Yes! We love our frequent travelers! For no extra cost, we will ship the outfit directly to your hotel, and once you’re done with the outfit please leave it with the concierge to mail back to us. No more packing clothes!


How much do the plans cost?

We have three simple plans - $49 for a One-off (if you want to try, or have a single event you need to rent for), $129 for a Pack of Three (use these outfits whenever you want), or $150/month for unlimited shipments every month. You get one box at the time, and you can keep it for 2 weeks.

Can I buy something if I like it?

Absolutely! You can buy any single article in the Hyde, or the whole Hyde. Please ask your stylist for prices - they range between 40-60% lower than retail.

Can I pause a plan if I’m traveling?

Sure thing, you can pause or cancel any plan any time you like with a pro-rated refund and no charges.

What happens if I damage or lose something?

We understand accidents happen. We want you to be comfortable in your Hyde, and depending on the frequency, circumstances and severity will resolve the issue for you.