Welcome to Hyde. 

We believe that a polished look for men isn’t accidental.

We deliver complete outfits curated for you, yours to rent for the week, and no pressure to buy.

We keep things simple and classy with good designers and no contracts or commitments.


Get Your Fit

Tell us your sizes, or speak to one of our professional stylists to nail your fit.


Get Your Box

Receive a complete outfit
hand-delivered to your doorstep.


Look Great

The clothes are yours for a week. Hyde
handles pick up & dry cleaning.


Each shipment contains one complete outfit

Pants/Jeans, 2 shirts, outwear, belt, shoes and accessories like sunglasses

No contract, no commitment, and use anytime over 6 months


The One-Off


Single shipment


The Three-Pack


Three shipments


The Ten-Pack


Ten shipments



OR, Sign up for the Hyde Regular

Unlimited deliveries in the month - one Hyde at a time. Cancel or pause anytime



What’s in the Box?

Each Hyde is uniquely styled for you.

You receive a complete outfit: shirts, pants, outwear, accessories and shoes.

Our featured designers include:

Rag And Bone

Hugo Boss

Cole Haan

Calvin Klein

+ More