Get Hyde in 3 steps


Hyde is a clothing rental service that gives men access to personally styled outfits for one flat fee, starting at $49. Each box contains combinations for two complete outfits (six hand-selected items) worth over $1,000.


1) Sign UP.

Sign up (it only takes 30 seconds)! There are no contracts — buy as many outfits as you like and use within 6 months — so you're able to join today totally risk free!

Now we're getting to the good part.

Choose from three plans tailored for you:

One Off - $49 ($49 per outfit)

Pack of three - $129 ($43 per outfit)

Pack of ten - $389 ($39 per outfit)

The Weekly - $150/month - you can rent as many as you like, one Hyde at a time.

You can keep each Hyde for up to 4 weeks without an extra charge! After 4 weeks Hyde will charge $15/week in fee.


2) Work with your stylist.

We have professional stylists who work with you to guarantee a perfect fit. If you don’t know your sizes, don’t worry - our stylists will do a video call, or even visit you in person!

We promise to nail your frame, taste and lifestyle — every time.

No bots. No algorithms. Having a professional stylist (read: actual human) pulling looks for you and elevating your style is one of the biggest perks of Hyde!


3) Look your best.

Complete outfits will be hand-delivered to your door. Get dressed and prepare for compliments!

When you're done, simply re-box (we handle the pick up and dry cleaning). Plus, you don't have to buy a thing — unless you really want to!